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October 22, 2019
Check out our latest blog post on the Digital Learning Collaborative website. Please visit our booth at the upcoming Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) in Austin this February!

June 11, 2019
Method Teacher, LLC announces the release of the long-awaited High School Guitar 2 course for both virtual and blended environments. This course builds on the foundation provided in the High School Guitar 1 course (2011, revised 2017). Student guides Carlos and Ariel take students through the process of mastering many important guitar skills including advanced note reading, movable scale patterns, movable chords,professional right-hand accompaniment patterns, and solo guitar styles. In addition, students learn to play each part of several guitar trios using techniques learned throughout the course. Students build on their creative foundation with numerous opportunities to improvise and compose music using their newly-acquired skills. The course culminates with an exploration of music instruments and styles from around the world.

High School Guitar 2, like each of the other guitar courses, is rich with clear and concise video demonstrations for each new skill. All techniques are modeled using excellent form by professional musicians. Music scores are presented using each type of notation commonly used for guitar,including standard music notation, guitar tablature, chord diagrams, and fretboard diagrams. Practice audios (slow/medium/fast) are available to enhance student’s learning experience. The thorough presentation of the content allows teachers to focus more on individual students and less on lesson planning.

All quizzes and exams are auto-graded, allowing teachers to spend more quality one-on-one time with students, and less time grading quizzes. All other assignments include grading rubrics. Students submit a Music Video Performance in each of the eight modules to demonstrate mastery of the skills learned in a given module. Other rubric-graded activities include researching a music legend, interviewing a musician, analyzing a music composition/performance, and exploring music instruments and styles from around the world. Discussion-based assessments are provided at strategically important check-points throughout the course.

The wide variety of music in this course is engaging and fun to play. Each student who successfully completes the High School Guitar 2 course will be in position to advance into any style of music with greater confidence. Many students who take this course—whether in a virtual or blended environment—might not have otherwise had the opportunity to take guitar lessons. The ability to play a musical instrument can mean the world to a student.  

April 16, 2019
Method Teacher, LLC announces the release of the Middle School Guitar 1 course in its new FLASH-free version for both virtual and blended environments. The course, originally released in 2013, features student guides Carlos and Summer who lead students through the step-by-step process of learning basic guitar skills.
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